Club K9 Dog Park Bar Community Day

Pets4Life was the proud featured non-profit of Club K9’s Community Pet Day. We set-up a table and offered microchips and nail trims to those that made donations. In addition, Club K9 had a small raffle to collect donations.

Here are some photos from the event:

Thank you to all the volunteers that helped at our table! Thanks to Denna Bowman, Amy Smalley, Alissa Pemberton, Jenn Hammond, Betsy Foster and Len Foster, and Karen Mujica. And thank you to the Club K9 folks (Marilyn Parker and Lauren Parker) for inviting Pets4Life to participate!

‘Vegas’ the dog, helped though S/N Voucher Program

Pets4Life is honored to partner with Louisville Metro Animal Services to provide spay/neuter surgeries and other services through a voucher program made possible by a grant from Best Friends. LMAS provides the vet services including surgery and microchip and Pets4Life covers the vaccines and dewormer. One of many recipients of these valuable vouchers was this little cutie, Vegas.

Vegas received a voucher from Pets4Life from their Spay/Neuter Voucher program with LMAS. The owner made an appointment, then Vegas received vaccines, microchip, nail trim and surgery. The only cost to the owner was a $10 pet license. The owner said, “Pets4Life, LMAS and Best Friends are so awesome!! They helped me get my puppy all together with his shots, he’s fixed and microchipped!! He’s legal and license. I’ve never had a pet so taken care of.   We are set for life!!”

How a Birthday Fundraiser changed a pet’s life!

This is the story of Prince and how his life has been completely changed through a Facebook Fundraiser for Pets4Life. Back in July 2021 we were made aware that a Facebook fundraiser had raised $355 for Pets4Life. We wanted to put the funds to use to help a specific pet in need. So shortly after, we were notified that one of our regular clients’ pet, Prince, had become paralyzed. After being examined by one of our wonderful vets, it was determined that surgery was not an option. However the fantastic news was that Prince was not in pain. The Pets4Life Board made a decision to use Betsy’s fundraiser to help Prince by purchasing a doggie wheelchair and ‘drag-bag’ to improve Prince’s quality of life.

Watch this video below to see the exciting moment when Prince’s life was changed (Note: If you want to skip right to the action go to 3:20 seconds into the video).

As you can see, Prince wasted no time ‘adjusting’ to his new gear. Suddenly he had his freedom back and could explore, run and walk just like any other dog! This is a testament to the power of individual fundraising and the power of the Facebook fundraising platform. Many Thanks to Betsy Foster and all those individuals who made a donation!

If you would like to help a pet like Prince, please consider hosting a Facebook Fundraiser and designating Pets4Life Louisville. (Note: And please message us or email us at to let us know so that we can put the funds to great use!)

Thank you to Pet Wants J-Town

Let’s give a giant THANK YOU to Pet Wants J-Town for donating dog and cat food to give away at our last wellness clinic! It’s so nice to be able to give a little something extra to the most needy pet owners in our community.

Pet Food Donation from Pet Wants

Pet Wants’ creates small-batch specially-crafted pet food made with natural ingredients and enhanced with vitamins and minerals for a complete and balanced diet in every bowl. In addition to dog and cat food, they produce healing salve, calming balm, anti-itch spray, paw wax and more. For more information, check out Pet Wants – J-town.

Thank you for your support!

Best Friends: Coco (the dog) & Luna (the cat)

Pets4Life is honored to partner with Louisville Metro Animal Services to provide spay/neuter surgeries and other services through a voucher program made possible by a grant from Best Friends. LMAS provides the vet services and surgeries and Pets4Life sponsors vaccines and dewormer.

Some of the pets that have been helped by the Best Friends grant are pet siblings, Coco and Luna.  Coco is a gray & white female pit-bull mix and Luna is a gray female kitten.  
Their owner, found Coco at a Thornton’s service station. Although she was able to track down Coco’s current owners via Facebook, it was discovered that they were fostering her, so Allison decided to adopt Coco as her own!  Later, the owner found the kitten, Luna on Facebook from a couple who could no longer care for her.  The owner said the previous living conditions were horrible and little Luna was covered in fleas!

Coco and Luna received vouchers from Pets4Life from their Spay/Neuter Voucher program with LMAS. Because of the program, both pets have been spayed/neutered and have received the needed vaccines, microchip and more! As you can see from the photos, Coco and Luna are best friends!  Luna (the cat) likes to ‘beat-up’ the doggy and it’s so funny!  Now, because of the Spay/Neuter Voucher program, Coco and Luna can live healthy and happy life! And because they’ve been microchipped, they will find their way home if they are ever lost again!

Pets4Life Louisville 2020 Year-End Summary

The year 2020 was challenging for everyone. While the total number of clinics and pets treated was impacted by to the Covid-19 Pandemic, we are proud that we modified our clinics to a drive-up ‘appointment-only’ model and continued helping pets in spite of the challenges. We held 5 pet wellness clinics and also began new partnerships with KHS and LMAS to help pet owners with Spay/Neuter. Below is a summary of services provided in 2020.

Pet Treatment Summary:

Number of Pets Treated: 174 (147 dogs & 27 cats)

Rabies Vaccines: 126

Other Vaccines: 134 (FVRCP and DAPP)

Microchips: 65

Dewormer: 104

Flea Treatments: 130

Nail Trims: 107

Demographic Analysis:

 Pets4Life has identified the following target zip codes for services: 40201, 40202, 40203, 40208, 40210, 40211, 40212, 40213, 40214, 40215, 40216, 40217, 40218, 40219 and 40258. These zip codes are within the ‘resource desert’ with little to no vet resources available in the community. Our analysis shows the break-down of pets treated in 2020 based on zip codes:

Within Target Zip Codes Other Jefferson Co Zip CodesOutside Jefferson Co
2020 zip code break-down

In addition, our goal is to help people living in underserved communities who cannot afford veterinary care for their pets. A large percentage of our vet services were provide to households living below Federal poverty guidelines:

82% of services went to households with incomes less than $25,000 per year

18% of services went to households with incomes between $25,000 – $50,000 per year

Pets4Life Appointment Requests

Due to overwhelming demand and a backlog due to the Covid pandemic, we have a long waiting list for appointments. If your pet needs vet care before spring or summer of 2021, please contact one of organizations on our Pet Resources Page.


IMPORTANT NOTE ABOUT AGGRESSIVE PETS: We are a volunteer organization and we are not equipped to deal with aggressive pets. Any dog that has ever exhibited aggressive behavior must be properly restrained and wearing a properly fitted muzzle upon arriving at the clinic. Note: We have muzzles that can be borrowed, but owner must be able to place on and off their pet.

If you’re pet has NOT BEEN Spayed/Neutered Due to very limited resources, pets need to be Spayed/Neutered before requesting a Pets4Life Appointment. If your pet has not been Spayed/Neutered, please see our Pet Resources Page for options. If you are unable to get help with one of these resources, please email and request assistance for Spay/Neuter.

If you’re pet has already been Spayed/Neutered and you would like to be put on the wait-list for a clinic in 2021, please complete the Appointment Form FOR EACH PET. (Note: if entering multiple pets, refresh the page after each submission for a blank form). CHECK YOUR EMAIL for notification when an appointment becomes available. Walk-ins will not be accepted. Note: If you are unable to complete this form, please call or text Pets4Life at 502-309-9303 and request help completing the form.

We will contact you (via email, phone, or text) to discuss an appointment in one of our upcoming clinics. Please DO NOT arrive at the clinic without an appointment because we can no longer accept walk-ins. Thank you for your understanding.

Pets4Life Fur-Real FUN-Raiser! (Ended)

The Mask Fundraising Campaign has ended. But donations are always needed and appreciated. If you would like to make a donation to help a needy pet, please use the donate button on the right of each page. Thank you for your support!

Did you know, there are tens of thousands of pets in our community that don’t have access to vet care? Pets4Life Louisville serves the eight Louisville zip codes that do not have ANY vet clinics by providing mobile vet services. With just a $25 donation, you can help a needy dog or cat by sponsoring their clinic fee, which includes exam, vaccines, microchip, nail trim, dewormer and more. And right now, Louisville’s hardest hit communities need help more than ever. With your help, we can provide these pets with needed veterinary care, and help reduce the number of pets that end up in our local shelters.

We are an ALL-VOLUNTEER organization, so EVERY dollar that’s donated goes directly to cover medical supplies to help pets right here in the metro Louisville area.

Group of cats and dogs

Your donation provides a wellness exam for a needy dog or cat with one of our volunteer veterinarians. The exam includes vet recommended services/treatments such as vaccines, microchip, dewormer, flea medications, nail trim and more. After making your donation, please complete this form to order your mask:

Important notes: 

These custom face masks are NOT medical grade masks (which are recommended by the World Health Organization (WHO) as an infection preventative measure, i.e. grade FFP2/N95). Please DO NOT assume these face masks will prevent infection from Coronavirus. They are more about protecting others to reduce spread

These masks are handmade-to-order so it may take several weeks to receive your mask. If you have any questions or concerns, please email us at

Thank you so much for your donation. You are helping people keep their Pets4Life!

Pets4Life Louisville 2019 Summary

Pets4Life Louisville is proud of the services provided in 2019 to help the most needy pets and people in our community. Working with My Dog Eats First, Metro Community Centers, Banfield Pet Hospital and Saving Sunny, we held multiple community events to help people and pets in Louisville’s under-served communities.  Here is a summary of services provided in 2019.

Number of Pets Treated: 464 (369 dogs & 95 cats)

Rabies Vaccines: 304

Other Vaccines: 340 (FVRCP and DAPP)

Microchips: 205

Dewormer: 253

Flea Treatments: 294

Nail Trims: 294

If you would like to help us help more pets, please consider donating/volunteering.  All help is needed. 

Pets4Life Angel Tree Program Results

Our 2019 Angel Tree program was a huge success and we are so grateful to everyone that participated both the host sites and donors. The gifts received will help needy pets in our communities who otherwise wouldn’t receive any vet care.  Our Angel Tree program collected important items that will help the needy pets in our community when they attend one of our Pets4Life Community Clinics. Here is a summary of the gifts received:

  • $1192.59 collected for Dog/Cat Wellness Exams
  • $150.00 in Gift Cards for Clinic Supplies
  • 240 doses of Flea/Tick Medicine
  • 27 bags of dog treats
  • 19 bags of cat treats
  • 20 fleece pet blankets
  • 6 Pet Toys
  • 1 Cat Carrier
  • 3 bags of pill pockets
  • 3 dog outfits

Thank you to our Angel Tree Hosts

We are sincerely grateful to the awesome local businesses who hosted our Angel Trees:

Barbour Lane Animal Hospital

Crescent Hill Animal Hospital

Derby City Pediatric Dentistry

Springhurst Animal Hospital

St. Matthews Animal Clinic