‘Vegas’ the dog, helped though S/N Voucher Program

Pets4Life is honored to partner with Louisville Metro Animal Services to provide spay/neuter surgeries and other services through a voucher program made possible by a grant from Best Friends. LMAS provides the vet services including surgery and microchip and Pets4Life covers the vaccines and dewormer. One of many recipients of these valuable vouchers was this little cutie, Vegas.

Vegas received a voucher from Pets4Life from their Spay/Neuter Voucher program with LMAS. The owner made an appointment, then Vegas received vaccines, microchip, nail trim and surgery. The only cost to the owner was a $10 pet license. The owner said, “Pets4Life, LMAS and Best Friends are so awesome!! They helped me get my puppy all together with his shots, he’s fixed and microchipped!! He’s legal and license. I’ve never had a pet so taken care of.   We are set for life!!”