How a Birthday Fundraiser changed a pet’s life!

This is the story of Prince and how his life has been completely changed through a Facebook Fundraiser for Pets4Life. Back in July 2021 we were made aware that a Facebook fundraiser had raised $355 for Pets4Life. We wanted to put the funds to use to help a specific pet in need. So shortly after, we were notified that one of our regular clients’ pet, Prince, had become paralyzed. After being examined by one of our wonderful vets, it was determined that surgery was not an option. However the fantastic news was that Prince was not in pain. The Pets4Life Board made a decision to use Betsy’s fundraiser to help Prince by purchasing a doggie wheelchair and ‘drag-bag’ to improve Prince’s quality of life.

Watch this video below to see the exciting moment when Prince’s life was changed (Note: If you want to skip right to the action go to 3:20 seconds into the video).

As you can see, Prince wasted no time ‘adjusting’ to his new gear. Suddenly he had his freedom back and could explore, run and walk just like any other dog! This is a testament to the power of individual fundraising and the power of the Facebook fundraising platform. Many Thanks to Betsy Foster and all those individuals who made a donation!

If you would like to help a pet like Prince, please consider hosting a Facebook Fundraiser and designating Pets4Life Louisville. (Note: And please message us or email us at to let us know so that we can put the funds to great use!)