Pets4Life S/N Voucher Program helps ‘Babybug’

Pets4Life partners with Louisville Metro Animal Services to provide spay/neuter surgeries and other vet services for pet owners who cannot afford these services. This program is made possible by donations and also partly through a grant from Best Friends. One of recipients of this program is a little cutie named Babybug. Below is the story of Babybug as told by her owner:

Babybug came into my life in June 2021 via an app called Nextdoor where I had posted how heartbroken I was over the loss of my Pomeranian, Preston 10 months earlier and stated I was looking for a new furbaby to bring into my life. A lady named Sally saw my post and it just touched her heart. She had a situation where she was a caregiver to an elderly woman with dementia who was the owner of Babybug. This elderly lady was mistreating Babybug by choking her with her collar, slapping her, kicking her and throwing heavy objects at her when she thought Sally wasn’t looking. She would prop open the front door and let her run the neighborhood and Sally would have to go chase her down or drive around to find her. Anyway Sally contacted me and asked if I would want to take Babybug because she couldn’t stand by and let this abuse continue. I told her ‘yes’.

We met and Ladybug took right to me and jumped into my arms like we were meant to be together. I took her home that day along with her 5 toys. She loves her toys. My husband absolutely DID NOT want another dog at the time and was mad at 1st when I brought her home but when he heard her story and how and why I rescued her he got to be ok with it. Babybug won him over within the week. It’s like she knew she had a job to do to win him over. She would jump up in his lap and nuzzle her head into his arms and he’s the only one she’ll play toys with (not Mama lol). She is a high risk runner. If she gets half a chance to get out she will run away. Our backyard is secured like Ft. Knox. She loves her brother, Eli a 16-yr-old Pomeranian (but he just tolerates her). She loves being outside, loves chasing squirrels and rabbits. She likes to lay on the deck and sunbathe. She loves sitting on front deck and likes to bark at anything and everything that walks by. When I got her she hadn’t been spayed or microchipped and that’s where Pets4Life came to the rescue.

Due to Covid I wasn’t able to work so I needed help to cover Babybug‘s spay surgery and vet services. When I got Babybug, she was 2 years behind in shots and had not been properly cared for. I definitely wanted her microchipped just in case she did ever get out and got lost and I didn’t want to deal with her going into heat.

She is now living her best life. She is spoiled. She is always decked out in cute little dresses and she has a pink collar with bling bling  rhinestones on it and a pink harness with ruffles all around it, very girly and fancy. She sleeps in bed with me and sleeps up against me and cuddles with me every night and smothers me with kisses day and night. She is a lap dog, very loving and affectionate. She has definitely won her daddy over. She loves it when my 2 grand-daughters come over for a visit. They love her and give her so much love and attention. She knows how to give  a “high 5”. I bought her a doggy bed but she will only use it if it’s up on the couch. I have to keep the curtains pulled open on the front windows so she can see out while she’s up on the sofa and I have to keep the front door open so she can see out the storm door. She adjusted to us and our home within 4-5 days. She’s a very picky eater and prefers to be hand fed like my older dog is fed.  She had never been to the groomers before. I take her about every 6 weeks and she tolerates it well and struts around when she gets home as if to say “Look how pretty I look Mama”. Well that is Babybug‘s story. Thanks to Pets4Life and LMAS for helping us out. It means the world to me and I can relax knowing if she were to ever get lost that she is microchipped. Babybug thanks you too with a tail wag and a kiss!(Note: Some names have been changed for privacy)