Pets4Life Louisville 2023 Year-End Summary

In 2023, Pets4Life experienced an astounding surge in growth, serving a significantly larger number of pets compared to the prior year. The number of animals assisted more than doubled, skyrocketing by an impressive 113%! This exceptional expansion was made possible through innovative community initiatives like Community Pet Days and our Mission Partner Program, forging impactful new partnerships and extending our reach within the community.

We want to thank the following organizations for partnering with Pets4Life Louisville and supporting our mission: The Table, Olmsted Parks Conservancy, Louisville Metro Animal Shelter (LMAS), Louisville Parks & Recreation, My Dog Eats First (MDEF), Central High School’s Vet Science Program, Pet Wants – J-Town, 3rd Turn Brewing- J-town, Louisville Bats, Club K9 – J-Town, Feeder Supply, No Kill Louisville, KHS/SNIP Clinic, Alley Cats, PBSF (Pitbulls of St. Francis), Merck Animal Health, EM Dash Photography.

Also thank you to all of these 2023 vet clinic partners through our Angel Tree Program and our Mission Partner Program:

Country Animal Hospital

Hillside Animal Clinic

Animal Dermatology Hospital

*Springhurst Animal Hospital

*St. Matthews Animal Clinic

*Seneca Animal Hospital

*Animal Hospital of the Highlands

*Doerr Animal Clinic

*Shelbyville Road Veterinary Clinic

*East Pointe Animal Hospital

*Jefferson Animal Hospital

In addition, we are very grateful to the following groups for contributing to our mission through grants and financial support: VV Cooke Foundation, Heather Falmen & Keith Zirbel Fund, and Swope Family Foundation, Best Friends, plus many incredible individual donors which we will not name for privacy reasons.

2023 Highlights:

PET WELLNESS CLINICS: Once more, we collaborated with ‘The Table’ in the Portland area to host our comprehensive pet wellness clinics, surpassing mere basic vaccinations. These clinics extend a helping hand to the community by offering highly affordable veterinary examinations and services. Alongside essential preventative care like vaccines, dewormers, and flea medicines, we administered microchips and addressed prevalent health issues such as ear, skin, and eye infections. Moreover, each pet received several months’ worth of flea prevention, ensuring their continued well-being.

COMMUNITY VACCINE CLINICS: Teaming up with the Olmsted Parks Conservancy, we continuted our expansion into Chickasaw Park, aiming to connect with a broader spectrum of pet owners residing within our specified zip codes. These new clinics are not just about convenience—they’re a lifeline for our community. Offering vital services such as vaccines, dewormers, and microchipping, we’re ensuring accessibility to essential pet care at an incredibly low entrance fee, prioritizing the well-being of beloved pets in our target audience.

NEW! COMMUNITY PET DAYS: In 2023, we collaborated with Louisville Parks & Recreation to offer Community Pet Days across three vibrant centers in Louisville: Sun Valley, Beechmont, and Southwick. These Community Pet days served as hubs for essential pet care, delivering vaccines, dewormers, and microchipping at an incredibly accessible entrance fee. But it doesn’t stop there. These events were holistic gatherings where diverse pet organizations converged to offer a wealth of information and invaluable resources to enrich the lives of pet families in attendance.

LMAS SPAY/NEUTER VOUCHER PROGRAM: We sustained our collaboration with LMAS (Louisville Metro Animal Services) to support individuals seeking Spay/Neuter services. This essential program, fueled by a generous grant from Best Friends, plays a pivotal role in aiding pet owners within our designated zip codes. Through our Spay/Neuter Voucher program, we aim to curb unwanted births and significantly reduce the number of homeless pets within our community, contributing to a more compassionate and responsible pet ownership landscape.

Pet Treatment Services 2023 Summary:

Number of Pets Treated: 704 (592 dogs & 112 cats). Note: 113% increase over 2022

Rabies Vaccines: 573

Other Vaccines: 632 (106 FVRCP and 526 DAPP)

Microchips: 408

Dewormer: 613

Flea Treatments (multi-month):  237

Nail Trims: 198

Spay/Neuter Vouchers Distributed: 111

In 2023, Pets4Life achieved significant milestones through strategic partnerships and community-focused programs, providing vital pet services across Louisville. From comprehensive wellness clinics to Spay/Neuter initiatives, we prioritized accessible care, thanks to collaborations with local entities and support from grants. Our commitment remains unwavering as we look forward to an exciting 2024, where we plan to unveil new initiatives aimed at further assisting pet families. We’re dedicated to expanding our impact and continuing to enhance the lives of pets and their owners within our community!