Best Friends: Coco (the dog) & Luna (the cat)

Pets4Life is honored to partner with Louisville Metro Animal Services to provide spay/neuter surgeries and other services through a voucher program made possible by a grant from Best Friends. LMAS provides the vet services and surgeries and Pets4Life sponsors vaccines and dewormer.

Some of the pets that have been helped by the Best Friends grant are pet siblings, Coco and Luna.  Coco is a gray & white female pit-bull mix and Luna is a gray female kitten.  
Their owner, found Coco at a Thornton’s service station. Although she was able to track down Coco’s current owners via Facebook, it was discovered that they were fostering her, so Allison decided to adopt Coco as her own!  Later, the owner found the kitten, Luna on Facebook from a couple who could no longer care for her.  The owner said the previous living conditions were horrible and little Luna was covered in fleas!

Coco and Luna received vouchers from Pets4Life from their Spay/Neuter Voucher program with LMAS. Because of the program, both pets have been spayed/neutered and have received the needed vaccines, microchip and more! As you can see from the photos, Coco and Luna are best friends!  Luna (the cat) likes to ‘beat-up’ the doggy and it’s so funny!  Now, because of the Spay/Neuter Voucher program, Coco and Luna can live healthy and happy life! And because they’ve been microchipped, they will find their way home if they are ever lost again!