2024 Clinics Signups

Pets4Life Clinics are geared toward people who do not have access to regular vet care due to cost or transportation issues. Here is a summary of clinics scheduled so far:

  • Aug 18, 2024: Wellness Clinic @ The Table; Fee $25 for cats & dogs ($5 deposit required)
  • Sept 29, 2024: Vaccine Clinic @ Chickasaw Park; Fee $20 dogs only ($5 deposit required)
  • Oct 20, 2024: Wellness Clinic @ The Table; Fee $25 for cats & dogs ($5 deposit required)

NEW Booking Policy Update: Starting immediately, all clinic appointments now require a nonrefundable deposit of $5 to be paid at the time of booking. The remaining balance of the clinic fee will be settled on the day of the clinic. Why the deposit? This step is crucial in minimizing the adverse effects of ‘no shows’ on our mission. ‘No shows’ create inefficiencies and result in missed opportunities to assist other pets in need. By implementing this deposit, we aim to ensure a more streamlined and effective process, optimizing our ability to provide care. Please note that all deposits are nonrefundable and will be considered as donations for cancellations or ‘no shows.‘ Your cooperation is appreciated!

WELLNESS CLINIC SIGN-UPS (Dates: Aug 18 or Oct 20)

VACCINE CLINIC SIGN-UPS (Dates: July 21, Sept 29)

IMPORTANT: Pets4Life Louisville is not equipped to provide emergency vet care or provide complex services such as diagnostic testing, surgeries, and treatment for chronic conditions. In addition, we cannot provide funding for these services. We are not a substitute for all veterinary care and we recommend that every pet has a relationship with a vet clinic for services that are beyond our scope. If you are looking for a vet clinic, please check out the list of vets on our Mission Partner page.