Pets4Life Dental Grant Recipients:

Announcing Grant from the American Veterinary Medical Association

Pets4Life Louisville is thrilled to be a recipient of a $5000 grant from the AVMA COVID Relief/Domestic Abuse Grant. The AVMA (The American Veterinary Medical Association) was founded in 1863, is a not-for-profit association representing more than 97,000 veterinarians in the USA. Pets4Life applied for help and was awarded $5000 to help pets in need of medical care. Pets4Life has put these funds to work to help reduce suffering due to pet dental disease. Severe dental disease is one of the most common issues that we see in our pet wellness clinics. Treatment requires anesthesia and dental surgery. Below is an update on some of the pets that have been helped so far with this grant:

Brownie’s Story: Brownie is a 4-year-old Chihuahua that was helped though the AVMA Grant. Brownie had significant dental disease for such a young dog.  She needed a dental cleaning with extractions.  Unfortunately, her owners were not able to provide the funds for that surgery.  Brownie got her wish on November 4rd, 2021. Dr. Keehner and Springhurst Animal Hospital provided free surgery including all extractions and medications.  Brownie was the best patient.  Brownie did great for her surgery and went home a happy, healthier well-loved dog!

Hershey’s Story: Hershey is a 9-year-old Shih Tzu who had significant dental disease.  He needed a dental cleaning with extractions.  Unfortunately, his owners were not able to provide the funds for that surgery.  Hershey got his wish on November 5rd, 2021, with the help of AVMA grant.  Thank you to Dr. Keehner and Springhurst Animal Hospital for providing free surgery including extractions and medications.  Hershey was an awesome patient who did great during surgery. This will help Hershey live a pain-free life!

Snuggy’s Story: Snuggy is a 13 year old senior Maltese who was helped with the AVMA grant. Poor Snuggy was suffering with horrible dental disease and needed a dental cleaning with a lot of extractions.  Snuggy got relief on November 3rd, 2021, with the help of Dr. Keehner and Springhurst Animal Hospital. Snuggy’s dad was so worried about his surgery that he stayed in the Springhurst parking lot for the entire day in his car waiting for his baby!!! Snuggy did great during surgery and went home with a future life free of dental pain.

Mabel’s Story: Mabel is another pet helped through the AVMA grant. This 11-year-old Coonhound that had significant dental disease as well as an eyelid tumor and several skin tumors.  She needed a dental cleaning with extractions and surgery to remove the tumors.  Although Mabel’s owners were not able to provide the funds for that surgery, Mabel’s wishes came true on November 15th, 2021, with the help Springhurst and Dr. Keehner who provided surgery including all extractions, tumor removal, injections, and medications.  Mabel is the sweetest girl and she did great during the procedures. Now she’s home living her best life!

Sasha’s Story: Little Sasha is a 6-year-old terrier mix that was helped though the AVMA COVID Relief/Domestic Abuse Grant. Sasha came to our clinic where we diagnosed significant dental disease.  She needed a dental cleaning with extractions.  Unfortunately, her owners were not able to cover the costs of this type of surgery. Once again AVMA, Dr. Keehner and Springhurst came through to make it happen on November 17th, 2021. Sasha is the sweetest girl who completed surgery and went home a happy, and much healthier well-loved dog.

Pets4Life Louisville is a 501(C)3 nonprofit. We have received the GuideStar Bronze Seal of Transparency. All donations are tax deductible.

2021 Pets4Life Holiday Gift Drive

Would you like to purchase a gift for a pet in need? Due to the continued Covid pandemic, we are unable to hold our annual Holiday Tree gift drive at local veterinary clinics. Instead, we are holding a virtual Holiday Gift Drive using an Amazon Wish List. The gifts on our list will help pets stay warm, safe and happy, during the holidays and beyond! They will be distributed to pet owners living in our target zip codes, the underserved communities of Louisville.

This is ‘Charlie’, a 17-year old senior Labrador retriever that attended our November Pets4Life Wellness Clinic at ‘The Table’. Charlie was a staff favorite and he looked adorable modeling a Santa Hat from our gift table! Charlie was one of many pets that received donated gifts from Pets4Life. We gave away pet food, pet beds, leashes, harnesses, collars, raincoats, toys and more. Recipients were thrilled to receive these extra little pet gifts, right in time for the holidays!

If you would like to help Pets4Life Louisville by purchasing an item for a pet in need, please check out the Pets4LIfe Amazon Wishlist. Items can be sent to our mailing address:

Pets4Life Louisville

291 N. Hubbards Ln.
Suite 172, Box 105
Louisville, KY 40207

Phone: 502-309-9303


2021 Giving Tuesday: Appeal for Special Needs Animals

We need your help on Giving Tuesday – the day of giving for nonprofits

Did you know that there are over 100,000 dogs and cats living in our community that don’t have access to veterinary care? The mission of Pets4Life is to help these overlooked pets with basic wellness and help with easily treatable conditions such as fleas and worms. However, we often see pets that are suffering terribly from conditions that require a bit more help.  

These special needs pets may have a range of physical disabilities and/or chronic medical conditions. Many are seniors that have chronic illnesses such as diabetes, COPD, persistent allergies, and severe dental disease. Most of these pets have suffered for years without proper vet care. This year’s Giving Tuesday donations will help Pets4Life Louisville go above basic wellness to help pets in our community that are suffering. Here’s an example of some of the special needs pets that we have helped:

Gizmo: Gizmo is a senior Shih tzu dog that visited our clinic and was diagnosed with congestive heart failure, heart valve issues and double yeast ear infections. Through individual donations we have been able to provide Gizmo’s owner with medications to help reduce this little guy’s suffering from a hacking cough and difficulty breathing.

Snuggy: Snuggy is a 13 year old Maltese that visited our clinic and was diagnosed with severe dental disease and allergies. We were able to treat his allergies and follow-up with dental surgery and extractions. Severe dental disease is a very commonly seen in the pets that visit Pets4Life clinics. We want to help as many of them as we can to prevent pain and suffering.

Prince: Prince is a young Shih tzu who became paralyzed in his lower body. Unable to walk or run, he was dragging his body resulting in skin sores. We had him evaluated and found that Prince wasn’t in pain, however his condition was incurable. Through generous donations on a Facebook fundraiser, we were able to provide Prince with a wheelchair and drag-bag to improve Prince’s quality of living. Prince is now ‘on the move’ just like any other young active dog!

How to help Pets4Life Louisville to help pets with special needs

Make a Donation: Pets4Life Giving Tuesday Goal: $2000

On Giving Tuesday, November 30th, we would like to ask if you can make a donation (small or large) to help us with these special needs animals. Our goal is to raise $2000 so that we can help the most vulnerable dogs and cats in our community who are suffering and are in pain. Scan/Photograph this image to make a donation:

Here’s an example of what your Giving Tuesday donation can do:

  • $10 donation: Provides a microchip to reunite a lost pet with owner
  • $25 donation: Provides a wellness exam for a cat or dog
  • $25-$100 donation: Provides medications for a needy pet
  • $250-$500 donation: Covers a dental surgery for a dog or cat

Would you be able to make a donation to help reduce animal suffering and help people keep their Pets4Life? Please give to Pets4Life Louisville today or on November 30, Giving Tuesday.

Set-up a Facebook Fundraiser:

  1. Set your Fundraising Goal
  2. Set your end date
  3. Feel free to personalize the title/description of your fundraiser
  4. Press ‘Create’ and get started on your challenge

Follow this link to create a Facebook Fundraiser for Pets4Life Louisville

Buy From Amazon Wishlist:

Amazon: Who doesn’t love a little on-line shopping?  Are you planning to do some Black Friday shopping? How about some Cyber Monday shopping? If you’re looking for a tangible way to make a difference in the lives needy pets, then look no further! Check out the Pets4Life Louisville’s Amazon Wish List

Be sure to mail it to the Pets4Life Louisville Mailing address:

Pets4Life Louisville

291 N. Hubbards Ln.
Suite 172, Box 105
Louisville, KY 40207

Use Amazon Smile:

Shopping online at Amazon on Black Friday or Cyber Monday?  Did you know that every time you shop at Amazon, you can help needy pets? Through the Amazon Smile program, all your purchases can help Pets4Life at NO ADDITIONAL COST to you!

To participate, simply navigate to and look in the upper left corner. Search and select ‘Pets4Life Louisville. Each time you make a purchase, navigate to ‘’ before checkout (all your account information will remain the same). For each purchase, Amazon will make a small donation to Pets4Life Louisville.

Share on Social Media:

Follow and participate on our main Facebook Page, Pets4Life Louisville . To help us during Giving Tuesday, please consider sharing the content and posts on your newsfeed, or sharing in Facebook Messenger with your friends who love animals. These acts will help us expand our reach to more people who need our services, as well as people who may want to support our mission to help needy pets in Metro Louisville.

Join ‘Pets4Life Pals’:

Do you have just 5 minutes each week? If so, we welcome you to be part of Pets4Life Louisville’s Social Media Team, which we call ‘Pets4LIfe Pals’. This is our small team of ambassadors that help us expand our message and reach by being an active participant on the Pets4LIfe Louisville Facebook Page. This is a great way to make a BIG IMPACT with just a little time! If interested, please email

Pets4Life Louisville is a 501(C)3 nonprofit. We have received the GuideStar Bronze Seal of Transparency. And because we are an all-volunteer organization, 100% of your donation goes toward helping animals!

Pets4Life is Angel’s Share Recipient from Coopers Louisville

Angel’s Share

The term ‘Angels Share’ is a term for the bourbon lost to evaporation from the barrel into the air as it ages. Therefore it’s a clever name for the charitable portion of the Louisville Coopers organization. This group is dedicated to channeling the passionate soccer fanbase in Louisville towards making the community better. Each month, a local charity is selected to become the focus of their monthly fundraiser. Pets4Life Louisville was thrilled to be chosen to be the August 2021 recipient!

Pets4Life Louisville received several monetary donations throughout the month of August. Then, to our surprise, a big box of donations were delivered:

Here is a link to the Coopers Louisville Angel’s Share Update.

Thank you to Benton Newman and to all who contributed donations or items to help our cause. If you would like to help Pets4Life Louisville by purchasing a needed item, please check out the Pets4LIfe Amazon Wishlist. Items can be mailed to our mailing address:

Pets4Life Louisville

291 N. Hubbards Ln.
Suite 172, Box 105
Louisville, KY 40207

Phone: 502-309-9303


Pets4Life S/N Voucher Program helps ‘Babybug’

Pets4Life partners with Louisville Metro Animal Services to provide spay/neuter surgeries and other vet services for pet owners who cannot afford these services. This program is made possible by donations and also partly through a grant from Best Friends. One of recipients of this program is a little cutie named Babybug. Below is the story of Babybug as told by her owner:

Babybug came into my life in June 2021 via an app called Nextdoor where I had posted how heartbroken I was over the loss of my Pomeranian, Preston 10 months earlier and stated I was looking for a new furbaby to bring into my life. A lady named Sally saw my post and it just touched her heart. She had a situation where she was a caregiver to an elderly woman with dementia who was the owner of Babybug. This elderly lady was mistreating Babybug by choking her with her collar, slapping her, kicking her and throwing heavy objects at her when she thought Sally wasn’t looking. She would prop open the front door and let her run the neighborhood and Sally would have to go chase her down or drive around to find her. Anyway Sally contacted me and asked if I would want to take Babybug because she couldn’t stand by and let this abuse continue. I told her ‘yes’.

We met and Ladybug took right to me and jumped into my arms like we were meant to be together. I took her home that day along with her 5 toys. She loves her toys. My husband absolutely DID NOT want another dog at the time and was mad at 1st when I brought her home but when he heard her story and how and why I rescued her he got to be ok with it. Babybug won him over within the week. It’s like she knew she had a job to do to win him over. She would jump up in his lap and nuzzle her head into his arms and he’s the only one she’ll play toys with (not Mama lol). She is a high risk runner. If she gets half a chance to get out she will run away. Our backyard is secured like Ft. Knox. She loves her brother, Eli a 16-yr-old Pomeranian (but he just tolerates her). She loves being outside, loves chasing squirrels and rabbits. She likes to lay on the deck and sunbathe. She loves sitting on front deck and likes to bark at anything and everything that walks by. When I got her she hadn’t been spayed or microchipped and that’s where Pets4Life came to the rescue.

Due to Covid I wasn’t able to work so I needed help to cover Babybug‘s spay surgery and vet services. When I got Babybug, she was 2 years behind in shots and had not been properly cared for. I definitely wanted her microchipped just in case she did ever get out and got lost and I didn’t want to deal with her going into heat.

She is now living her best life. She is spoiled. She is always decked out in cute little dresses and she has a pink collar with bling bling  rhinestones on it and a pink harness with ruffles all around it, very girly and fancy. She sleeps in bed with me and sleeps up against me and cuddles with me every night and smothers me with kisses day and night. She is a lap dog, very loving and affectionate. She has definitely won her daddy over. She loves it when my 2 grand-daughters come over for a visit. They love her and give her so much love and attention. She knows how to give  a “high 5”. I bought her a doggy bed but she will only use it if it’s up on the couch. I have to keep the curtains pulled open on the front windows so she can see out while she’s up on the sofa and I have to keep the front door open so she can see out the storm door. She adjusted to us and our home within 4-5 days. She’s a very picky eater and prefers to be hand fed like my older dog is fed.  She had never been to the groomers before. I take her about every 6 weeks and she tolerates it well and struts around when she gets home as if to say “Look how pretty I look Mama”. Well that is Babybug‘s story. Thanks to Pets4Life and LMAS for helping us out. It means the world to me and I can relax knowing if she were to ever get lost that she is microchipped. Babybug thanks you too with a tail wag and a kiss!(Note: Some names have been changed for privacy)

Club K9 Dog Park Bar Community Day

Pets4Life was the proud featured non-profit of Club K9’s Community Pet Day. We set-up a table and offered microchips and nail trims to those that made donations. In addition, Club K9 had a small raffle to collect donations.

Here are some photos from the event:

Thank you to all the volunteers that helped at our table! Thanks to Denna Bowman, Amy Smalley, Alissa Pemberton, Jenn Hammond, Betsy Foster and Len Foster, and Karen Mujica. And thank you to the Club K9 folks (Marilyn Parker and Lauren Parker) for inviting Pets4Life to participate!

‘Vegas’ the dog, helped though S/N Voucher Program

Pets4Life is honored to partner with Louisville Metro Animal Services to provide spay/neuter surgeries and other services through a voucher program made possible by a grant from Best Friends. LMAS provides the vet services including surgery and microchip and Pets4Life covers the vaccines and dewormer. One of many recipients of these valuable vouchers was this little cutie, Vegas.

Vegas received a voucher from Pets4Life from their Spay/Neuter Voucher program with LMAS. The owner made an appointment, then Vegas received vaccines, microchip, nail trim and surgery. The only cost to the owner was a $10 pet license. The owner said, “Pets4Life, LMAS and Best Friends are so awesome!! They helped me get my puppy all together with his shots, he’s fixed and microchipped!! He’s legal and license. I’ve never had a pet so taken care of.   We are set for life!!”

How a Birthday Fundraiser changed a pet’s life!

This is the story of Prince and how his life has been completely changed through a Facebook Fundraiser for Pets4Life. Back in July 2021 we were made aware that a Facebook fundraiser had raised $355 for Pets4Life. We wanted to put the funds to use to help a specific pet in need. So shortly after, we were notified that one of our regular clients’ pet, Prince, had become paralyzed. After being examined by one of our wonderful vets, it was determined that surgery was not an option. However the fantastic news was that Prince was not in pain. The Pets4Life Board made a decision to use Betsy’s fundraiser to help Prince by purchasing a doggie wheelchair and ‘drag-bag’ to improve Prince’s quality of life.

Watch this video below to see the exciting moment when Prince’s life was changed (Note: If you want to skip right to the action go to 3:20 seconds into the video).

As you can see, Prince wasted no time ‘adjusting’ to his new gear. Suddenly he had his freedom back and could explore, run and walk just like any other dog! This is a testament to the power of individual fundraising and the power of the Facebook fundraising platform. Many Thanks to Betsy Foster and all those individuals who made a donation!

If you would like to help a pet like Prince, please consider hosting a Facebook Fundraiser and designating Pets4Life Louisville. (Note: And please message us or email us at to let us know so that we can put the funds to great use!)

Thank you to Pet Wants J-Town

Let’s give a giant THANK YOU to Pet Wants J-Town for donating dog and cat food to give away at our last wellness clinic! It’s so nice to be able to give a little something extra to the most needy pet owners in our community.

Pet Food Donation from Pet Wants

Pet Wants’ creates small-batch specially-crafted pet food made with natural ingredients and enhanced with vitamins and minerals for a complete and balanced diet in every bowl. In addition to dog and cat food, they produce healing salve, calming balm, anti-itch spray, paw wax and more. For more information, check out Pet Wants – J-town.

Thank you for your support!