About Us

Who Are We:

Pets4Life Louisville is a 501C3 non-profit group that provides animals wellness resources & information to under-served pet owners. Programming is modeled after the Humane Society of the United States’ Pets for Life initiative.


To increase pet retention and improve the health and welfare of companion animals by providing wellness resources to pet owners in underserved communities of Greater Metro Louisville.

Scope of Services:

Wellness services:  Including preventative medicine and basic diagnostic services

Spay/Neuter services: To reduce animal intake at municipal shelters

Educational services:  Relating to the mental and physical well being of companion animals

Our Causes:

  • Animal Suffering Campaign:  The goal of this campaign is to ensure that pets in under-served areas of Louisville are getting basic vet care and vaccines to prevent disease and suffering.
  • Spay/Neuter Campaign: The goal of this campaign is to decrease unwanted births, reduce homeless pets and increase live-release rates in Louisville shelters.
  • Pet Retention Campaign: The goal of this campaign is to help people keep their pets for life, instead of surrendering them to a shelter.  The focus is education, microchips/ID tags & other resources designed to help prevent & reunite lost pets.

The Pets4Life Team:

Board of Directors:

  • President: Karen M
  • Treasurer: Connie H
  • Secretary: Sheryl R
  • Director: Melissa K
  • Director: Amy S
  • Director: Dr. Lisa K
  • Director: Cindy R
  • Director:  Jenn H

Clinic Committee:  Chair Karen M

Development Committee:  Co-Chairs Cindy R, Amy S. and Sheryl R. 

Technical Support & Automation:  Sheryl R. 

Contact Information:

Pets4Life Louisville

291 N. Hubbards Ln.
Suite 172, Box 105
Louisville, KY 40207

Phone: 502-309-9303

Email: AWCLouisville@gmail.com

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