Vets/Vet Clinic Partners

Dr. Julie from St. Matthews Animal Clinic administers oral medicines

Partnering with Pets4Life

The success of our mission is dependent on successful partnerships with local veterinarians, vet techs & assistants.  Our outreach program is not in competition with local vet clinics, since we target populations without access to care. Most pets we treat have never been seen by a vet.

Volunteer at a Wellness Clinic

We are in need of vets & assistants willing to providing vet services during our wellness clinics. These clinics do more than just vaccinate pets. We treat other simple-to- diagnose ailments, provide flea and tick medication, and emphasize interaction with the pet’s owner. All volunteer vets, techs, and assistants will be recognized on our Facebook page and website

Give back by Donating Medicine

Flea and Tick medications are not affordable for the pet owners we see. Much suffering occurs because of this. We know that products that are past expiration date can’t be sold, but they are still effective for our populations. You can make a charitable donation to our clinic of your past-date flea medications by calling 502-309-9303 or emailing Thank you!

Staff a Wellness Clinic

Banfield Staff at Pets4Life Beechmont Community Pet Day

A wonderful way to help is to volunteer as a group by providing vets, techs (and even administrative staff) to help at a particular wellness clinic. This is a great way to bond with your clinic staff while doing something charitable for the community. If interested, please call 502-309-9303 or email to select a clinic date and location. All vet clinics who help will be recognized on our Facebook page and website