Pets4Life Appointment Requests

Due to overwhelming demand and a backlog due to the Covid pandemic, we have a long waiting list for appointments. If your pet needs vet care before spring or summer of 2021, please contact one of organizations on our Pet Resources Page.


IMPORTANT NOTE ABOUT AGGRESSIVE PETS: We are a volunteer organization and we are not equipped to deal with aggressive pets. Any dog that has ever exhibited aggressive behavior must be properly restrained and wearing a properly fitted muzzle upon arriving at the clinic. Note: We have muzzles that can be borrowed, but owner must be able to place on and off their pet.

If you’re pet has NOT BEEN Spayed/Neutered Due to very limited resources, pets need to be Spayed/Neutered before requesting a Pets4Life Appointment. If your pet has not been Spayed/Neutered, please see our Pet Resources Page for options. If you are unable to get help with one of these resources, please email and request assistance for Spay/Neuter.

If you’re pet has already been Spayed/Neutered and you would like to be put on the wait-list for a clinic in 2021, please complete the Appointment Form FOR EACH PET. (Note: if entering multiple pets, refresh the page after each submission for a blank form). CHECK YOUR EMAIL for notification when an appointment becomes available. Walk-ins will not be accepted. Note: If you are unable to complete this form, please call or text Pets4Life at 502-309-9303 and request help completing the form.

We will contact you (via email, phone, or text) to discuss an appointment in one of our upcoming clinics. Please DO NOT arrive at the clinic without an appointment because we can no longer accept walk-ins. Thank you for your understanding.